Future photography students, you made right choice on picking photography as one of your electives. In photo you get an amazing teacher and create some amazing friends from any grade. In photo you have an amazing teacher whose name is Mrs. Cauchon. She’s very talkative, helpful, kind, and a cool teacher. She has so much trust on students with her cameras and the materials. She knows the material she lets students borrow are cost a lot of money. If you want to take a camera home, she lends you one and have you borrowed it for a day or two, but you must bring it back. You must follow her rules which is to not eat in her class (she seen some roaches and spiders around her class that’s why she doesn’t allow food in her class) and to not talk when she’s talking. Those two main things are how you can get her mad. Don’t get her mad, she’s too nice to get mad.

The fun thing about photo is walking around the school and finding places or things to take photo of, making new friends, learning how to use the apps Photoshop and Lightroom. Some not so fun things about photography class are trying to remember to how to edit your picture. When there’s a new assignment, in the beginning of the week Mrs. Cauchon would show you how to edit them and you have to remember by memory on the steps on how to. You can ask her for some help individually, but I think she would get annoyed. I wish she can make a video on how to do them. I’ll say she assign a lot of work and have them due to the end of the week or when she feels like grading. You can always post them late but not all the time she going to give full points. The editing part is kind of takes a lot of your time if you already have an idea on how to make your picture looks like. Sometimes you need to play with the apps that are given a little to figure out on how to edit the pictures. I say editing in the computers are much harder than editing on your phone. I say those two are the cons on photos overall the photography is fun. In the end of the day photo is still a good elective to choose.